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We are dealers based in Goa for a wide variety of home security systems, door alarms, surveillance cameras, wireless home security, CC-TV systems, IP- security cameras, fire alarms, motion detectors and burglar alarm systems that are available from numerous companies ranging on feature options. We provide installation services across all major cities providing a variety of interior and exterior CCTV-Cameras

Product categories of Security Cameras

We stock and install a wide variety of security cameras that are available from numerous companies ranging on feature options. We provide cctv installation services in Goa for all major cities including Panjim, Margao, Mapusa and Vasco.  Our installation are a complete solution for homes, offices and commercial units.

Outdoor Cameras


Outdoor cameras are designed for stronger durability towards weather and lighting. Water resistant enclosures, adjustments to capture various degrees of lighting conditions and broader exterior views form a major components of its primary specifications.

Indoor Cameras


In comparison to a standard camera, security cameras offer a wider field of view than, technology today available on a indoor dome cameras offered by several companies is even more advanced. Indoor units are now available for 360 degree area coverage, that enables a single camera to capture an entire area. There units are also available in a fixed lens specification that allows a permanent focus on a single area for critical areas in your homes in high quality video.

Motion Detection Cameras


With advancements in modern technology in home security, these cameras combine motion detection with monitoring. Motion detectors in these cameras activate the moment its sensor pick up any activity and begins transmitting and recording. These sensor give you an additional layer of protection as it alerts you and also limits the DVR storage space.

Adjustable Cameras


Fitted with actuators that are motor driven these units are adjustable giving you a higher degree of control and maximises coverage of an area. You can automatically tilt, pan and zoom across the area and also adjust the focus for clearer image quality.  In the comparison to fixed security systems these units are much more versatile and offer a better layer of surveillance.

Wireless Technology


Installations where there are limitations to hardwired or simply prefer a wireless installation these wireless security systems come build with inbuilt technology that will seamlessly integrate with your home network.

Cameras with Security Systems


Video surveillance can be integrated with your security camera feeds that offers flexible viewing and recording features. Multiple cameras are integrated to a base DVR unit system that enables switching of feeds via a video splitter. These systems also have the provisions to relay the feed to more than one person at given point of time.

Security Features you must be aware of

Often we clients asking us to assist them in making the right purchase, security and surveillance systems are vary according to largely the following features. We provide complete assistance in providing you with accurate home security systems with complete installation and support. Being dealers for home security systems we provide complete installation and maintenance of our products. DSI offers a number of devices at various prices to meet every surveillance need.

Field Of View

Field of view is essential in deciding how many units you would require to record or monitor an area as FOV of an unit defines the width areas the unit can capture


Sound transmitting features in units is the integration of a microphone that allows you to capture sound and transmit it to a speaker. Additionally, there are unites also available that additionally double as a microphone


Resolution is a critical feature that defines how clear the video capture is. This is essential when you need to identify faces or objects seen in the field of view

Detecting motion

Motion detection allows the unit to observe any movements in its field of view and send you notifications of suspicious activity.

Night Vision

The night vision specification on the unit describes the extent of distance it can record images in low light as well as no lights. In areas where you need focused on during the night, you would need to opt for a unit with better night vision capabilities

WIFI Capability

WIFI enabled unites can easy communicate with the entire network installed at your home wirelessly. Monitoring and installation is efficient and is not susceptible to being disabled.


Costs depends on the brand associated with the product, the features and also the durability. If planned efficiently you home can be secured conserving the features mentioned here.


The capacity to recorder a larger area and the ability to pan or tilt defines the number of units needed to monitor an existing area.