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CCTV Camera Prices In Goa

In order to get the best CCTV camera systems for your homes, is to first assess the number of points that surveillance needs to be placed, then followed by the type of cameras to be installed and lastly the budget. The number of cameras required depends on the area that needs to be covered. An 8 pc system would work for a larger area, like a residential villa. Depending on what type of surveillance is needed, buyers  can pick the resolution and clarity of video. Standard configurations are a 2 pixel resolution with a at least a 3.6mm lens.

Some Good CCTV Security System Picks

The Hikvision 8CH- DS-7208HGHI-E1-Turbo CCTV security system is an 8 pc system which is capable of recording in 720p. It can store a capacity of about 1TB. It comes with a 3+1 copper cable, a Turbo Dome Billet Camera and an active power supply. It has a 16pc BNC and an 8pc DC. The camera and DVR come with a 2 year warranty and are available on Amazon as well as Flipkart at a reasonable price of Rs. 21,899/-

Another alternative is the Hikvision Turbo DS-7208HGHI-E1 8CH DVR + Hikvision HD DS-2CE16COT-IR Bullet Camera which includes 5 pcs and a hard drive space of 1 TB. The combo comes with an active cable and active power supply. It also comes with a mouse, remote, 3+1 full active copper cable, 10 pcs of BNC and 5 pcs DC. The best part is that the camera and DVR come with a 2 year warranty and a 1 year warranty for the HDD and power supply.  Available at a price of Rs. 19,199/-, they can be easily bought on Flipkart or Amazon.

Another recommendation is the 4pcs Hikvision Turbo Dome Bullet Camera. This system comes with a 1 TB HDD, a 3+1 copper cable and a power supply. Instead of an 8 CH DVR, this system has a 4 CH DVR  which is ideal for a small area and is available at a cheaper price of  Rs. 14,400/-. It also comes with two bullet cameras and two dome cameras. The camera and the DVR have a 2 year warranty, however, the mouse, power adapter and remote are not covered under this price. Available at 14,400/-, this is a good buy and can be easily obtained from Amazon or Flipkart.

The Puffin Waterproof CCTV Security Camera with Night Vision is another good option. Fitted with a V8330+ FH8510 Image Sensor and a lens with a 75 degree angle view, a 1000TVL resolution and an on/off anti-flicker option, this system operates well in a temperature of 20℃ to 50℃. It needs a DC 12V power supply and can easily be obtained on Flipkart or Amazon at a price of just Rs. 6,599/-

Last but not the least, the Finicky World CCTV Dome 24 Night Vision Camera is a good budget buy. With just one camera and a memory card recording, the user can watch live videos or let them record on the computer. This device has a 1 year warranty and can support a 32 GB micro SD card. It contains built-in LEDs and has 24 IR LEDs that provide night vision. It is advised to read the user manual in order to understand the working of this product.  This camera can also be doubled up as a Skype camera and costs just Rs. 1,349/- Just like the others, this can be easily purchased on Amazon and Flipkart as well.