CCTV Camera Insallation & Wiring

In order to secure your home or business premises not only is the right hardware essential but also equal amount of technical expertise is required to get the most out of your security camera or surveillance project. Being dealers of CCTV Cameras In Goa we house popular brands such as Hikvision, Zicom Samsung, LG, Honeywell etc.  At DSI we offer complete inhouse services to help design a secure surveillance plan, supply of the latest equipment and complete installation of cctv cameras for round the clock surveillance for your home and commercial establishments.

DSI has built a stellar reputation for itself as being a leader in residential and home security systems in Goa.  Being a team of reliable experts we understand the need for secure installations backed by the latest in security system technologies. We ensure that our customers understand everything they need to know with regards to security cameras before making a purchase as we break down every aspect of each installation while we secure their properties.

Commonly there are four main categories of cameras available on the market.


: Bullet cameras are named after their sleek design and cylindrical shape which can be installed indoors as well in the external environment. The cameras are typically mounted using the ceiling for support and also come equipped with waterproofing capabilities and infrared light capture. These cameras are recommended for capturing footage in a fixed defined area.

Mini Dome Cameras

Popularly termed as ‘speed domes’, Mini Dome cameras are the choice of camera for capturing varying viewpoints as these devices are built with the ability of spin around at multiple degrees to capture footage.  These installations are common seen at commercial establishments where the need for constant viewpoints capture is priority. Mini Dome Cameras are installed within a dome shaped housing  and additionally are vandal resistant which can be used for surveillance indoors as well as outdoors.

Box Cameras

: Box Cameras are the typical cameras that everyone is used to when a security camera is imagined. Box cameras are placed inside a camera body along with the necessary power supply and circular lens. These types of cameras are commonly seen mounted to walls and also ceilings;  for an indoor installation a bracket is used and for an outdoor installation a housing is used.

PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Cameras

–  These cameras resemble the shape of a hanging lamp and its primary usage is to monitor a wide area. Its common application is often at commercial establishments where these cameras are physically operated by a security guard engaging the camera to monitor an area as PTZ Cameras cameras have the ability to pan left or right and even tilt, up or down and also zoom in and out. In addition to this feature PTZ cameras have the ability to rotate 360 degrees as well. Cameras equipped with such features are often made to function on a timed basis where the camera can be pre-programmed to conduct a sweep of the area. These devices are available in indoor as well as outdoor modes.

Comparison between Analog & Digital Security Cameras

Besides picking a type of camera required for surveillance, the decision of the surveillance type whether analog or digital (IP Based) is a critical one. We explore the pros and cons of each type.

Analog cameras stand out from a price point as these are a generally priced lower than its Digital counterpart. In addition to being priced lower this technology has wider compability to fit into existing security systems. The number of camera types(hardware) available in analog devices are also plenty. It does have plenty of limitations in terms of advanced features such as digital zoom etc. These types of cameras are not recommended for covering broad distances and in comparison to digital models are lower in resolution.

Digital Technology on the other hand are available in higher resolution and are packed with plenty of advanced features that are otherwise not available in Analog models. One standout feature of these devices is the remote monitoring capabilities without any interference as the wireless reception is encrypted. However, these cameras are  priced higher due to the advance tech used to build them and does require higher bandwidth (internet) to operate.

Storage and Benefits

On Analog systems video or recorded images are transmitted in a base band format through cables into a DVR from where the DVR further converts it into a digitized form and stores the footage on to a hard drive that is installed onboard. Technological advancements now also allow for DVR’s to be configured with LAN/WAN setups permitting these Analog systems the option to access some systems remotely to view live feeds as well.  Reasonably priced Analog systems are extremely beneficial for home surveillance needs.

Digital Systems are configured to a network video recorder (NVR) thus all of its video capture is sent to  a digital stream into a pre-configured IP network. The framework used is protected by RAID technology and the entire system is known to be fraud tolerant.  Digital systems are mainly beneficial for business owners or for homeowners looking for premium solutions as these systems are available with advanced features offering high grade surveillance.

DSI has complete in-house capabilities to install a security system for household surveillance as well as large commercial properties. We are dealers for all major global brands backed with installation warranties on the hardware we install. If you need help in deciding  security camera system in Goa speak to one of our specialists to learn more!

Home Security Systems

For homeowners and business owners the safety of their premises is always a concern which cannot be taken for granted. Crime is unpredictable and uncertain making any home or business vulnerable to theft whether you live in the city or even the suburbs as  intruders can strike anytime. You home or business needs the help of modern technology to be able to secure your safety, assets and valuables. At DSI we offer the best security solutions available on the market to ensure that your loved ones and your valuable properties are guarded.

The benefits of a home security system are plenty, read on to know why you should take advantage of it.

Keeping you protected when at home

Home invasion is one of the most frightful experiences someone can go through while at home.  The emotional turmoil due to such an occurrence is long lasting, not forgetting the fear of re-occurrence.  With the help of today’s high-tech home security systems you too can go to bed at ease knowing that in case of a break-in an audible alarm will sound to deter and scare the intruder away.

Home Protection When Away

Majority of homeowner’s first priority is to secure their valuable from burglars when they are away from home.  Although it may not be possible to secure all physical assets, items such as family heirlooms, artwork and jewelry needs to prevented from being stolen.

Protection from Fire, Gas and CO Emission

With use of technology in your home, security systems are today fully equipped to protect your home against fires, gas leaks, and CO leaks before leading to major catastrophe. These systems are quick to alert the homeowners and even authorities on detection of leaks or fires.

Protecting Pets When You Are Away

The ability to be able to alert a homeowner in the event of a fire or a gas leak will help you in saving a pets life which otherwise would have led to loss of life.

Remote Access

If you are worried or even curious about what occurs on your property while you are away, a home security solution that is WIFI enabled will give you real time access for viewing and surveillance. Whether you are alerted or not the system gives you on-demand viewing to help keep an eye out on things even when you are not present at home. Along with an app installed on your smartphone a homeowner can remote-view the feed received from the surveillance cameras.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, piece of mind is invaluable,  our security solutions are affordable and practical making it a wise investment to eliminate all worries of burglary and theft. Get protected by reaching us to know more about security systems for your home or business.

The right surveillance for your home: Choosing the right camera.

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, the need for an overall security system is essential keeping in mind the rising number of thefts across Goa in the recent past. One of the primary reasons for homeowners and business owners to opt for security cameras is to cause a deterrent against such burglaries. It is widely documented that the presence of a cameras across a home or business make a burglar think twice before considering breaking-in. reducing the chances of a home being burgled. Inorder to deter criminals you must be aware of which cameras best suit your specific surveillance needs.

Night Vision/IR Cameras

A must have in even home surveillance system, the night vision/IR cameras use infrared technology emitting light that is invisible to the naked eye making is easy to capture surveillance in low lighting or dark areas. These cameras are most suited to secure a perimeter of a building or a house at night. The technology uses dim light that enters the lens of the camera and strikes a light-sensitive surface called a photocathode. Particles of light are made of  photons and when it hits the photocathode it converts it into electrons which are further amplified by a  photomultiplier which then leaves the photocathode to hit a phosphor screen creating tiny flashes of light. A collection of photons getting instantly captured by the lens of the camera thus make a brighter appearance of a poor-lit or dark area.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are the most commonly seen surveillance camera at commercial spaces in Goa. Being able to rotate 360 degrees these cameras are highly versatile for effective surveillance and video capture.  The camera rotates from inside the dome and the outer surface is tinted black making it impossible to know the direction that the camera is pointing.  The physical presence of the camera is known however the type of surveillance is less obtrusive. These cameras are also available in Hi-def resolution enabling security teams to have precise control and clarity while zooming in that is widely used in businesses as casinos, banks, jewelry stores etc.

Outdoor Cameras

The challenge with any outdoor surveillance system is to take-on the weather. Weather can ruin electronic units within no time and therefore your outdoor camera of choice must be able to overcome weather extremities. The monsoon in Goa is fierce and so are the months of summer therefore a surveillance system of choice must be capable of overcoming extreme weather conditions. In addition to this outdoor cameras must also be bug and dust resistant.

Network/Ip Cameras

IP Cameras have been the most popular choice of surveillance over the last few years for homeowners as well as for business owners. These cameras are available in wired and wireless models and can be plugged in to a computer surveillance system.  The biggest advantage of IP cameras is the ability to capture footage in high-definition, compress the data captured and transmit it across electronically enabling footing to be viewed easily remotely while having access to the internet.