CP Plus Infrared Thermometer Gun

CP –MED is a the umbrella under which CP-Plus offer the CP Plus Infrared Thermometer amongst other CP-Med Products that also include Hybrid Thermal Cameras, Handheld Thermal Camera and Anti-Bacterial Masks.

The CP Plus infrared thermometer is a high-tech device built on modern technology platforms to measure the temperature of the human body. The devices receives its reading by receiving the infrared energy emitted when placed near the forehead of the human body. The heat felt on the human skin will be measured which will be different allowing for an quick and easy way to determine the health status of the person the scan is conducted on.

Some of the characteristics of this product are as follows

  1. The device is capable in measuring temperature at high precision
  2. The degrees of reading can be displayed as ℃ or ℉
  3. There is a but in Beep Alarm
  4. The support LCD display is available with back light
  5. The range selection is automatic varying in resolution of 01℃ or 01℉
  6. It also has data storage for upto 32 readings of measurements. By pressing the navigation buttons upwards or downwards the stored data can be viewed

Performance of the Device

  1. The device must be posited in the center of the forehead for measurement
  2. The distance of the thermometer must be 3cms or less
  3. The voltage powering the device is DC3V, 2×1.5v powered by a AAA battery
  4. The measuring range in ℃ ranges from 32.0℃ to 42.9℃
  5. The accuracy rests between ±2℃ for reading between 32.0℃ to 42.9℃ and beyond which is ±0.3℃
  6. Sensitivity of the device is 01 ℃
  7. ±0.3℃ is the clinical repeatability
  8. The standard operating range of the device is between 16.0℃ and 35.0℃
  9. The lifespan of the device is 3 years when used moderately

Description of the Infrared Thermometer

The device consist of appearance of a plastic shell on which there is a infrared sensor towards the from of the device. Towards the side-panel there are the Down and Up navigational buttons followed by the Settings button. The On or Measure button is see in the form of a trigger and there battery panels are found at the bottom of the device.

The LCD screen is the screen at which the data collected can be viewed and accessed. The panel displays two series of numbers, the series of double-digit numbers displayed on the LCD panel displays the count of the storage times of the device. The large series of numbers below Storage Count displays the measurement temperature reading. Towards the right hand corner of the screen the panel displays the Centigrade degree denoted as ℃ and the Fahrenheit degree displayed as ℉ .Below the series of number you will notice the Battery Status indicator icon and an icon for Warning Tone.

Scope of Usage

The utility of the infrared thermometer is to measure the temperature of the human body by placing in just about but no contact to the forehead.  From infants, to children and adults, the thermometer can be widely used for all age groups. It is not advised for children to operate the device and instead have an adult measure it. Keep in mind that the measurement distance is different skin color. There are no conditions in which the device cannot be used.

Aspects to be kept in mind while using the Infrared Thermometer Gun

  1. Bear in mind that the Infrared Thermometer Gun is meant for usage as a reference device only. No diagnosis or treatment of any kind must be carried out from the measurement results. It is best to seek the treatment of a professional and avoid any unnecessary speculation
  2. While operating the device it is vital to now that there is no set absolute standard defined for the temperature of the human body. To be sure that you make the right judgement of whether you have a fever or it is important that you are first aware what the normal temperature of your body is which will help you in better judging whether you have a fever or not.
  3. Before pointing the thermometer at the forehead of the subject it is essential that the forehead is free from sweat, facial oil, cosmetics etc.
  4. Before the thermometer is deployed to read the body temperature keep in mind that the subjects shouldn’t bathe, eat or exercise thirty minutes prior to the measurement. A stable state of the body is a lot more referential.
  5. If there is wound that is open or even inflamed it is advised to not measure for readings
  6. Similarly, if there is a scan present on the forehead it is important to not measure where the scar is present. Connective tissues of the scar will affect the conduction of temperature reading in the body.
  7. There is the possibility of a temperature difference in the place where the thermometer was stored and a new environment where the subject is located. It is advised to leave the thermometer in the new environment for 30 minutes before proceeding for the reading.
  8. It is advised to no take a reading immediately after consuming medicines that have the potential of raising the body’s temperature.
  9. The manufacturer recommends measuring upto 3 times in a unit time as in a continuous environment there can be small errors due to there being no previous measurements in a row.
  10. Remember to not position the device towards the sun, air conditioner or a heater as this bound to change the forehead temperature.
  11. Similarly environments with the presence of a strong electromagnetic interference such as a microwave oven in operation of a mobile phone in use could cause an error on can even result in machine failure.
  12. When using the device on multiple subjects ensure that the device is clean and disinfected properly to avoid any form of cross infection.
  13. For cleaning the probe area of the thermometer using a 75% alcohol swab and wipe the device gently. After the device has been cleaned rest it for 15 minutes before conducting any readings.
  14. Adequate care of the device is needed therefore after usage it must be placed backed into its box for safekeeping and further use. Water splashes on the body and on the probe must be avoided when using it. Similarly, small foreign objects such as dust must be prevented from falling on to the probe which can affect measurement readings.
  15. In case the devices incurs a heavy fall or an impact from an external source it is advised to not assemble or dissemble the device yourself
  16. Avoid blowing at the probe with your mouth or touch the probe area with your fingers, precautions that will reduce the chances of any inaccuracies.
  17. It is best to keep the product away from little children as a means of safety to the child as well as the device.
  18. The manufacturer also advice’s to not expose the device to fire to prevent any kind of explosion
  19. Remove the battery if the device is not going to be for a while.

Installation of the Infrared Thermometer

To get the device started first insert the two batteries available in the package into the battery compartment located on the bottom of the device. Once the device is powered-up is was start a self-test and it is will directly be ready for reading.  If battery indicator displays a low reading replace the batteries to ensure adequate power supply to the device.

Process of Measurement

To commencement with the reading of temperature aim the probe of the thermometer to the center of the subject’s forehead maintaining a distance of 3cms or approximately the thickness of an index finger of an adult. It is vital to not get the thermometer in contact with the forehead directly. One placed in a proper manner then press the measurement button lightly and the reading process will then begin. On successful reading of the subject’s temperature the fuselage present in the device will sound a short alert after which the LCD’s screen present in the device will display the count. The fuselage will not sound-off when the measurement fails for any reason, the LED will display a  “—℃ “  indicating no reading data has been captured. Common reasons for failure are mostly associated with the gun not being placed under 3 cms of distance when placed on the forehead. The device may also fail to read when the ambient temperature does not meet the measurement requirements. Lastly, the target temperature could be out of range as well.

Switching off the Thermometer

The device will shut down automatically after being unused for 8 seconds eliminating the need to manually turn the device off.

Descriptions of the buttons
  • The settings button allows the device to switch from (° C / ° f) and also in turning off the backlight of the LED screen
  • “+” button to move for readings forward and also for multi-function
  • “ – ” button for down and moving back and also as a multi-function key